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Deborah was delightful to work with. I had every confidence that she was taking great care with our family photos and documents. The digital images are beautiful and she was able to repair some of the imperfections in old photos. She guided me through the process and responded to my questions and requests. The files are named in a way that makes them easy to navigate. Our family is thrilled to receive this digital treasure from Deborah.

Sarah F.

For a number of months I had been working on a scrapbook of photos and stories of my parents’ life.  I wasn’t sure what the next step was.  Lo and behold, I met Deborah Ross who encouraged me as to how to go about making my project into a photo book. I discovered as we talked that she actually has a business called Flashback in Time.  Through this, she helps people organize their photos and memorabilia. I found Deborah Ross, aside from her organizational and technical knowledge, to be a person who wants to help you your way. I’d encourage anyone with a box or pile of photos and/or memorabilia to avail themselves of Deborah’s service.  She’ll come to your home and will support you through your process.  Not only is her service invaluable, but also she was delighted as I was with the final result of our combined effort.  Deborah is a genuinely nice person to know and do business with.

Anne K.

When I first saw the ad for ‘Flashback in Time’ I thought. ‘What a great idea!’ I went to the website and saved the page for future reference. A few months later, a close family member passed and a relative gave me a bunch of old family photos and documents. There was too much to scan and organize myself. I remembered saving the URL, looked it up and called Deborah. She quickly booked a meeting with me in my home…thank goodness I didn’t have to pack it all up to take to her. Her warm and friendly manner and simple but thorough explanation of the process comforted me right away. She also came equipped with photo boxes to take my precious memories away with her. She sensed my apprehension of handing over very old and large documents, so promised to bring her large scanner when she returned. I was given a list of homework to prepare for her next visit and some websites to help organize the next batch of photos for her to scan and digitize. It made me dig out photos from everywhere in the house. I was surprised at how many I threw out when going through them. On her return, I was amazed at the level of organization she had done to help me group and sort them on my own in the computer. I felt a great sense of relief.
Deborah is organized, thoughtful, intuitive and diligent and cares as much as you do about your treasured memories. Her rates are more reasonable than other companies…I did my research before I called her. The personal touch of coming to your home puts you at ease immediately. She never rushes you and takes the time to get to know you and discern your thoughts regarding the photos. Every time she visits, I give her a few new challenges to work on and she has yet to fail to give me what I expected. Best choice in my opinion, is to call Deborah. She’ll make your mountain into a molehill….LOL.

Linda S.

I am really happy with the scanning services I received from Flashback in Time. I decided to go with Flashback in Time, because the prices were more affordable than other scanning services and I felt that the care and attention that I needed with scanning my photos was of the utmost importance to me. I had several old magnetic photo albums, and the photos inside were fragile. Deborah ensured that all photos were removed from the albums with due care to avoid damage, and returned the photos to the albums in the same condition that I left them in. Deborah also helped organize my very large photo collection into named folders as I requested, restored and enhanced photo colour and corrected photo defects, as well as took the time to transfer print photo comments and details to the properties of the digital image. I couldn’t have asked for more and I would highly recommend Flashback in Time!

Paula O.